Quiz Whiz

An Editable and Interactive Quiz Application for both Individual and Group Assessment with 1000+ Question-Bank and Timer.

SimpleSchool Quiz Whiz

It is a macro-enabled excel app therefore, it opens up in excel.

Good for mental drills, reviews, set induction, evaluation of concepts, quiz competition and more…

You don’t need to install any other software.
It can be used on PC and on Interactive White Board.

Simple and Highly Eficient Timed Test

You can have 10 different subjects with about 100 questions each. The Timed Test Option can be used to do a diagnostic test, a mental drill, a review and so on. The questions and answer options display randomly for the length of time set.

It’s extremely simple to use and highly efficient.

Interactive Quiz Maker

This feature is simply a digital form of the conventional quiz competition, where participants select questions and solves within given time. Marks are awarded automatically according to the preference set by the quiz master.

It is highly interactive and fun to use. You can decide to show or hide options.

SimpleSchool Quiz Whiz Demo

"This is a simple and perfect OFFLINE app for all families, schools and institutions that conduct tests"

Make Your Tests Interactive and Fun. Run QUIZ WHIZ on Your Desktop!

How To Use and Customise The SimpleSchool Quiz Whiz

The Instruction/Home page is what you see when you load the application. It contains information and instruction on how to use the App.

This is a database where questions are stored. You can store up to 1000 questions under 10 categories (100 questions per category). You can make each category store questions on different subjects.

To Upload or Type Questions in the Questions Bank

  • Double-Click and type in the Category/Subject.
  • Double-Click and type the questions in the questions box one after the other under your chosen category.
  • Type the options in the corresponding boxes.
  • Type the letter of the correct option in the ANSWER column.
  • For a question to appear on the quiz platform, click the CHECK BOX in front of the question.
  • You can click “Select all” at the top to click all the check boxes at once.

This is the section where the quiz is displayed.

SimpleSchool QUIZ WHIZ is used majorly for two purposes:

  1. QUIZ Competition: This is a standard Quiz Competition where participants choose their questions and answer them accordingly. The timer can be set to any time of choice. Participants receive and instant prompt when they are right or wrong.

To Start The Quiz Competition
  • Click the Quiz Test button
  • Fill in the participants (you can have up to 10 names), Question category, marks per question, timer and No of questions.
  • Participants names are arranged and selected in the order.
  • Select question number according to participants preference from the questions drop down.
  • Click the Start Button if you want each question timed.
  • After the question is answered, the Marks Box shows up. The App tells you if your answer is correct or wrong.
  • Give marks accordingly

2. Timed Test: This is a situation where a number of questions is set with time for each question to appear. At the end of the test the summary of the performance is displayed.

To Start The Timed Test

  • Click the Timed Test button
  • Fill in the participant, Question category, marks per question, timer and number of questions.
  • Click Start Button to start the test.
  • The Summary table is shown after the last question.

The Overview of The Quiz Platform

A: QUIZ BOARD: This is where the questions are displayed.
B: ANSWER TABS: The answers are displayed in their respective options. You select an answer by clicking the letter for the option. Then you get the question “Is that your final answer?” You answer appropriately.
C: SCORE BOARD: This is where the participants scores are displayed. The scores sum up automatically. In case of quiz competition. You can click the “Input Scores” tab to add score manually.
D: TIMER (START AND STOP): This shows the Count Down Time. For Quiz Competition, you will have to click the Start button after you select the question. For the Timed Test, the Timer starts automatically.
E: QUESTION SELECTOR: You click the drop-down arrow to select question of your choice when working with Quiz Competition.
F: QUIZ STARTER TAB: You click this tab to start the Quiz. You then fill the dialog box accordingly.
G: TIMED TEST STARTER TAB: You click this tab to start the Timed Test. You then fill the dialog box accordingly.
H: HIDE OPTIONS TAB: You double-Click this tab to hide options. Click once to show options again.
I: SUMMARY TAB: Click tab to show summary table. Summary table shows the questions you have answered and their correct answers. It also shows you the number of questions you got right. If you are 100% right “Stand up for the Champion” is sung.
J: TEST PROGRESS BAR: This shows the progress of your test, especially the timed test.
K: NAME OF CURRENT PARTICIPANT: Shows the name of the current participant as inputted by you.
L: CURRENT QUESTION: This shows the number of the current question on the quiz board.
M: QUESTIONS BANK AND HOME PAGE TAB: You click the Question Bank tab to go to the questions Bank Page. Clicking the Home Page tab takes you to the Home/Instruction Page.

N: CURRENT CATEGORY: This displays the current category.

Make Your Tests Interactive and Fun. Run QUIZ WHIZ on Your Desktop!

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