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A Quick Overview of the Purpose and Functions of An Instructor

An Instructor is an online teacher on PrimeTech101, who has the following roles, subject to admin’s approval :

  • He can create courses, lessons and topics of any area of specialisation. He creates quizzes and assignments for his online students.
  • He can make is course free or paid on the platform. (It is mandatory that your first course be free).
  • He is responsible for his course content, sequence and pricing.
  • Every instructor has exclusive right to create any digital product, paid or free.
  • He creates certificates for his courses. Students earn certificate upon completion of their courses.
  • In a case  where your course or product is declined, you will be told what went wrong and what you need to do.
  • An instructor can subscribe to market his course or product by our marketing team OR market himself. In whatever situation, it is advisable to keep on sharing your course link and marketing it.

All instructors are giving the opportunity to create posts and landing pages for their courses. These posts are constantly shared on all social media platforms and among mailing list.

PrimeTech101 provides all the resources and support you need to succeed in your online course business.

It is an opportunity to generate a steady residual income from your skills.

Some of the resources that will get you started are here: 

The Course Creation Platform

After your approval to be an instructor (sign up to be and instructor by clicking the “Be An Instructor” menu button and fill up the instructors form), the next time you sign in you will have the Instructor’s Overview Dashboard.

Instructor’s Dashboard

The Instructor’s Dashboard: First login to setup your Avatar (picture) and Instructor’s Quiz Completion Email Setting

The PrimeTech101 platform runs on Learndash Course Builder. The Best and Easiest to use course builder. As shown above, the Instructor’s Courses, students, Earnings, and Course progression are displayed. 

On the left hand side, you have tabs for creating courses, lessons, topics, quizzes, certificates, assignments and products.

On your first login, you should set up the following:

  1. Your Profile Picture and details
  2. Your Instructor’s Email, i.e. the email you get when a student completes a quiz. The following variables are available for constructing your email template.


$useremail:User’s email
$quizname:Quiz name
$result:Result in percent
$points:Reached points

You can copy the example below:

Email Subject: $username completed $quizname

Email Body:


The User $username has completed $quizname

Details below:

Name: $username

Student ID: $userid

Email: $useremail

Result: $result

Total Point: $points

Instructors can:

  • Set up courses, lessons, topics – they have access to a drag and drop course builder to quickly design course structure.
  • Create quizzes and assignments – they can test students using quizzes or ask them to upload assignments.
  • Assess student performance – instructors can grade and evaluate student responses to track student progress.
  • Communicate with students – there’s an instant messaging option that instructors can use to send notices to students.
  • Sell their courses to earn steady income – instructors can sell their courses and earn income on every sale.

The Course Builder: How To Create Your Course

On Your dashboard,  you click COURSE under the LearnDash  LMS, then, you click an existing course to edit or you click ADD NEW on the top right hand corner. 

The Course Builder Sample

5 Easy Steps To Upload Your Course on PrimeTech101

Taking your course online may seem like a daunting task, but on PrimeTech101, it is made simple. Just follow these 5 easy steps, and you will be on your way to creating a successful online course.

1. Record and Upload Your Instructional Videos on YouTube.

To create engaging video, make sure your videos are short, explanatory and straight to the point. Long videos  don’t engage students as short ones. If you have long videos, cut it into topical bits. When you’re done uploading your videos, copy the link generated. IT IS THE YOUTUBE LINK YOU UPLOAD ON PRIMETECH101 not the video.

Further Learning on Video Creation:

2. Arrange Your Note with Your Lesson Notes and Video Links

Course Setup on PrimeTech101 is of the format below:

Course Setup Format

A Course contains main Lessons, while each lesson is broken down into Topics.

An Example of a Course Design Format, main course title is “How To Design Grading and Result Template with Excel”

Course Flow Design for “How to Design Grading and Result Template with Excel”

Check out the Lesson Note for the Flow above. Take note of the video links of the lessons in the template.

Download the Template

The example above is just a guide there is no limit to the number of lessons or topics for your course but the course creation format is key; COURSE >> LESSONS >> TOPICS.

3. Upload Your Videos and Notes on the Course Builder and Set Your Price and other Preferences

4. Add Quizzes and Assignments

5. Share Your Course Link and Market Your Course

This is the life blood of online course. Don’t stop marketing your course and you will see money grows in your account everyday.

Further Learning on Marketing of Online Course:

Instructors' Terms and Conditions

The following are the guiding principles for all Instructors on PirmeTech101.

  1. Sign up for Instructor is FREE.
  2. Instructors first course is sold FREE.
  3. 10% transaction fee is charged on all sales.
  4. 5% for bank charges and transfer.
  5. All Affiliate are entitled to 20% of the sale transaction. So if you wish to sell your Course via affiliate on PrimeTech101, 20% is deducted for the Affiliate. (An Affiliate is someone who promotes and sells your Courses or Products on your behalf).

For Example: If your Course is N20,000 and you sell through:

  • Direct Sale – through your promotion or visitors on the site. The calculation is as follows; N20,000 minus (10+5)% = N17,000 (N17,000 will be deposited into your account every time a sale is made).
  • Affiliate of PrimeTech101 – 20% is for the Affiliate marketer. The calculation is as follows: N20,000 minus (10+5+20)% = N13,000 (N13,000 will be deposited into your account every time a sale is made). Note that all discounts will be considered.

        6. Payments are done every Fridays. 

        7. Deposits are made into Instructors registered bank account.

        8. There is Refund Policy on PrimeTech101. Students refund are granted.

Instructors' Starter Course

This is a Necessary Beginners' Course, You Will Create Your Online Course in 5 Easy Steps.

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