Instructors’ Registration Details

PrimeTech101 gives room for FREE and PAID courses. In order to complete your registration, kindly fill in your account details where your course sale income will be deposited.

Instructors’ Term and Conditions

The following are the guiding principles for all Instructors on PirmeTech101.

  1. Sign up for an Instructor is FREE.
  2. Instructors first course is sold FREE.
  3. 10% transaction fee is charged on all sales.
  4. 5% for bank charges and transfer.
  5. All Affiliates are entitled to 20% of the sale transaction. So if you wish to sell your Course via affiliate on PrimeTech101, 20% is deducted for the Affiliate. (An Affiliate is someone who promotes and sells your Courses or Products on your behalf).

For Example: If your Course is N20,000 and you sell through:

  • Direct Sale – through your promotion or visitors on the site. The calculation is as follows; N20,000 minus (10+5)% = N17,000 (N17,000 will be deposited into your account every time a sale is made).
  • Affiliate of PrimeTech101 – 20% is for the Affiliate marketer. The calculation is as follows: N20,000 minus (10+5+20)% = N13,000 (N13,000 will be deposited into your account every time a sale is made). Note that all discounts will be considered.

        6. Payments are done every Fridays. 

        7. Deposits are made into Instructors registered bank account.

        8. There is a Refund Policy on PrimeTech101. Students refund are granted.

All the information you need after complete registration above.

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