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Download free grading and result template for educators

Struggle no more with Students’ Result. With a click of a button print or send result via email to all your students’ parents at once.

Good for all educational institutions, where learning is measured for all ages of students.

Be Free! Automate Your Result Grading and Computation Process.

Free Grading Temlate

The free Grading App gives a blue-print of the actual application. It is an excel template that does automatic computation and grading of your inputted scores. It does not contain all the automation in the main app, but you can use it for a test.

Free Grading & Result App Demo

"Research has shown that grading and reporting students' academic performance is one of the most difficult tasks of teachers therefore, computational errors are inevitable. This is a user-friendly and and highly effective Grading and Result app for all schools and institutions to solve computational errors and make result generation seamless."


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How To Use The Grading & Result Main App 2.1

The video clip gives a details description of this wonderful App.

When you load the App (make sure you enable macro), the HOME PAGE shows up.

You have the school Details on the right and instruction on the left. In the middle, you have two tabs; you click to go to “Database” or “Grade Book”

Note: The school details will change as soon as you update your details on the “Database”

This is the part where you enter the students, class, subjects, total marks, grades school and other details accordingly.


This is where you enter the students’ scores in each subjects, comments, attendance and psychomotor/affective scores.

NAVIGATION TABS: These take you to the respective pages.

THE YELLOW CELL: By clicking the drop down arrow to its right, you can click on the subject or part of the Grade book you want to work on.

You have the following in the drop down:

  1. The subjects you typed on the database
  2. Affective/Psychomotor Traits
  3. Attendance
  4. Comments Section
  5. Result Page
  6. Show All

This is the part where you type in the students’ score according to the tests you specified. You also give a short comment about the students in that subject.

NOTE: Your tests must sum up to 100

The only editable part here is the portion where you enter the students’ scores. All other updates automatically.

The names you input in the database will show up, so you do not need to enter the names here again.

All editing is done on the Database.

Below the page for each subject, you have the analysis of the test items and the class overall average.

This is the part where the students are assessed on the Affective and Psychomotor qualities.

The qualities are displayed in the order you typed them in the database and rating scale you specified for them.

All you need is to type the number that correspond to the score of each student.

First, you click in the cells for Start Date and End Date to update them per term.

The dates will update immediately you specifies the Start and End Dates.

For each student and for each day you click in the cell and choose the right record;

P – Present

L – Late

A – Absent

H – Holiday

This is the section where the Class Teacher and Head of School input comment for each student.

This section shows the overall performance of the students in all the subjects and the overall mark, grade, percentage and position at a glance.

You don’t input anything here.

This is where all your inputs for each student are collated in Report Sheet format.

First, at the bottom of the page update the resumption date.

To check for each student report, select his name in the drop down of the name cell below the Students’ picture.

You can also do the same for the term.

This section is beside the Result Section.

The Email Template shows the format of the email message that will be sent alongside the student’s report.

Next, Set your Sender’s Email details for GMAIL and YAHOO. Outlook is automatic if you have it running on you system.

You can Print/Send the current result displayed by clicking the the CURRENT TABS.

Click Print/Send All to print or send for all the students in the class at once.

NOTE: You need internet connection on your system to SEND MAIL.


If you need a different customization for your institution or company, we can do that for you. Contact us.

Struggle no more with Result computation. Run Grading & Result App 2.1 on Your Desktop!

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