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Automated Attendance Time Tracker

Track you staff’s attendance details with Attendance Time Tracker, it is simple, effective and can be customized to suit your needs.

Attendance Time Tracker 2.2 (With Face Capture) App is a Simple, Editable, Effective and User-friendly. It runs off-line on Microsoft Excel, designed with Ms VBA (Macro-Enable).

It automatically captures users, clock in and clock out time, break time clock in and clock out and present punctuality report for each user. 

Automated Attendance Tracker

It is easy to use and user-friendly. It can be used by 200 users.

Automated Attendance Tracker

Graphical report is generated and printed for individual user and the whole staff instantly by the admin.

Automated Attendance Tracker

A back up data is saved and can be retrieved by the admin. Captures and Saves the face of the user.


Automated Attendance Time Tracker 2.2

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Two Versions Pricing Plans.

Automated Attendance​ Attendance Time Tracker comes in two versions (1.1 and 2.2). Choose according to your preference.

Automated Attendance Time Tracker 1.1

15,000 10,000 / App
  • Editable to Your Needs
  • Up To 200 Users
  • Easy To Use & User Friendly
  • Instant Graphical Summary
  • Auto Backup
  • Runs Offline

Excel Macro-Enabled Desktop App. Runs on Excel. No New Software Needed.

Automated Attendance Time Tracker 2.2

20,000 15,000 / App
  • All "Automated Attendance Time Tracker 1.1" Features
  • Captures and Saves the face of the user
  • Suitable on a system with Webcam
  • Prevents Cheating During Login
  • Saves Face Capture in Image Folder

Macro-Enabled Desktop App. Runs on Excel. No New Software Needed.

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Automated Attendance Tracker 1

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Automated Attendance Tracker 2

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How To Use Automated Attendance Time Tracker 1.1

This version contains all the features of version 2.2 except the webcam face capture and storage of login image capture.

Automate Your Attendance Process. Run Automated Attendance Time 1.1 on Your Desktop!

How To Use Automated Attendance Time Tracker 2.2

The MAJOR difference of Attendance Time Tracker 2.2 is the face capture of the user. It saves it in the Images Folder in the download package. It saves with the user’s name, date and time.

The Main Clock In & Clock Out Tab

This is the main page where users input their UNIQUE ID.

The user types in his ID in the space provided and clicks “Enter” on your keyboard.

He immediately gets response with a voice saying “Welcome James Jackson” and a welcome message; for example ‘Good morning James Jackson,you have been clocked in at 10:43:50. Have a good day.”

Also, the user’s picture is displayed simultaneously depending on the admin setting.

The other settings are for the Admin of this application.


This is the Portal where the Admin inputs the users’ details and pictures.

Please note that the pictures and company name are optional.



This is the portal where you edit the following;

1. The Clock in Message

2. The Clock Out Message

3. The Clock in/out from Break message

You may leave the default messages for the above. The words in the bracket [ ] are variable;

[Employee Name] captures the current user’s name.

[Time] captures the current time the user clocks.

[Total Hour] captures the total our between clock in and clock out.

[Total Break] captures the length of time spent for break.


>>Time Clock Format: This can be changed to 12 Hour Format or 24 Hour Format

>>Use Time Clock for Break: You can choose a Yes or No. If you need to have the user clock in and out for break, you choose Yes, otherwise you choose No.

>>Show Employee Picture: Users pictures will be displayed on clocking if you choose a Yes.

>>Clock In Time For the Next Shift: Especially for organizations where Shift is observed, how many hours should pass in case a user fails to clock out, before he can clock in. The default time is 12 hours. (If you need to change this just type the number only, i.e. 15 not 15 hours.)

>>Skip Break Clock In: How many hours should elapse before Break Clock out time be skipped? That is, you put the number of hours for Break. Also note that only number is required for this section.

“This App can be used by any organization, school, institution or firm with 1 to 200 staff or students.” To be Installed on a System with WEBCAM.

This is the portal where the summary of the report is displayed.

The Overall Punctuality record is displayed graphically in order automatically. 

Filtering Report To Get Only The Content Needed

You can filter the report by typing in the spaces provided, that is you can filter by:

  1. NAME: by selecting a name in the drop down in the box labelled “Enter Name”
  2. DATE: by typing dates in the boxes labelled “From Date” and “To Date” respectively.
  3. PUNCTUALITY: by typing either Punctual or Late in the box labelled “Punctual or Late”
  4. DEPARTMENT: by typing a department in the box labelled “Enter Dept.”
  5. POSITION: by typing a position in the box labelled “Enter Position”
  6. GENDER: by typing a gender in the box labelled “Enter Gender”

NOTE: To revert to the whole data after filtering, you click the “Reset Report” button 

Also, you can click the “Print Report” button

at any time to print the displayed data.

Filtering By A Name

When you filter by name it displays the person’s record from beginning to the current date unless you specify the dates.

The following details are graphically displayed:

  1. The Punctuality graph
  2. Longest Time at work
  3. Shortest Time at work
  4. The average Time at work

The Clear Report Button

When you click the “Clear Report” button, you will be prompted to click yes or No if you wish to clear the data and save in the back up file.

If you need a different customization for your institution or company, we can do that for you. Contact us.

Automate Your Attendance Process. Run Automated Attendance Time Tracker 2.2 on Your Desktop!

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